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Joe Stanganelli Managing Director, Blackwood King LC, | 3/21/2019
Another headline-snagging ransomware infection in the public sector has rekindled debate over whether or not to pay cyber ransoms.
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Larry Loeb Author, | 3/20/2019
Trojans that target banks have one of the longest-lasting and profitable cybercrime operations around.
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Larry Loeb Author, | 3/19/2019
The nature of cyberspace attacks continually evolves. The enterprise, to keep itself secure, needs to update its assumptions on what attacks are most likely to occur as information becomes available. Positive Technologies (PT), based in Framingham, Ma., just issued a report named "Cybersecurity Threatscape 2018" to share what trends it has seen ...
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Larry Loeb Author, | 3/18/2019
Proofpoint researchers in a recent six-month study of major cloud service tenants observed massive attacks that leveraged IMAP legacy protocols as well as credential dumps that have as their goal increasing the speed as well as the effectiveness of brute-force account compromises.
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Larry Loeb Author, | 3/14/2019
According to a report issued by the United Nations (UN) Security Council, "cyberspace is used by the DPRK (North Korea) as an asymmetric means to carry out illicit and undercover operations in the field of cybercrime and sanctions evasion. These operations aim to acquire funds through a variety of measures in order to circumvent the sanctions."
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Alan Zeichick Principal Analyst, Camden Associates, | 3/14/2019
The corporate network used to be comprised of a small number of large computational devices: servers, desktops, laptops, switches, routers. That's like, so 2010. Today, enterprises are dealing with a proliferation of connected devices that probably aren't dedicated to computing -- think video cameras, inventory sensors, machine tools, thermostats and ...
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Larry Loeb Author, | 3/11/2019
A ransomware malware called GrandCrab has been active for the last year, but is now showing some changes in how it is spread. Researchers from Crowdstrike noted in a recent blog that the newest version of it (5.2) is being rented as a service to affiliates who are sophisticated in "remote desktop protocol (RDP) and VNC (Virtual Network Computing) ...
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Larry Loeb Author, | 3/8/2019
Mobile security provider Wandera says that it has a network of corporate-enabled mobile devices across 1,500 enterprise customers globally, which it claims is the world's largest mobile security dataset.
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Larry Loeb Author, | 3/5/2019
A malware that is a decade old has mutated, and is once again a global threat. Qbot (alternatively called Qakbot) is financially oriented malware first seen in 2009 as a Trojan designed to steal online banking credentials.
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