Content posted in July 2017
Five Words for Black Hat
Curt Franklin  
7/31/2017   11 comments
The Black Hat 2017 conference could be summed up in five words: Should there be more?
Mobile Worries for a Security Pro
Curt Franklin  
7/28/2017   5 comments
The most worrying security problem for one security pro is something that sits in the palm of your hand.
Hope Breaks Through Desert Clouds: The Friday Haiku
Curt Franklin  
7/28/2017   5 comments
Our Security Now Friday haiku reflects on the week that was Black Hat.
Black Hat Keynote: A Call to Change
Curt Franklin  
7/27/2017   17 comments
Facebook's Alex Stamos stood before Black Hat 2017 and congratulated the community on all they've done. Then he told them that they must change.
Researchers Bring AI to Endpoint Security
Curt Franklin  
7/26/2017   5 comments
FFRI has an AI approach to malware defense – and it will protect systems with no Internet connection at all.
New Vulnerability Hits IoT Cameras
Curt Franklin  
7/25/2017   8 comments
A vulnerability first seen in IoT cameras has the potential to go much, much further. Is Going to Black Hat
Curt Franklin  
7/24/2017   8 comments
We'll be at Black Hat – what do you want to know while we're there?
A Sense of Peace: The Friday Haiku
Curt Franklin  
7/21/2017   11 comments
Is a moment of calm to be trusted? Our Friday Haiku questions the peace.
Security in Knowing: An Interview With Nathaniel Gleicher, Part 2
Curt Franklin  
7/19/2017   11 comments
Ignorance is indeed bliss – for those who would attack our organizations' IT systems. This is part 2 of a conversation with Nathaniel Gleicher, head of cybersecurity strategy for Illumio.
Security in Knowing: An Interview With Nathaniel Gleicher, Part 1
Curt Franklin  
7/18/2017   1 comment
Nathaniel Gleicher, former Director of Cybersecurity Policy for the Obama White House and ex-senior counsel for the US Dept. of Justice’s computer crimes division, knows something about security.
Voice of Security Radio: Can You Buy Trust?
Curt Franklin  
7/18/2017   2 comments
Join editor Curt Franklin when he talks with Alan Cohen, chief commercial officer of Illumio, about the relationship between spending and trust. It's not what you think!
Poll: When Will You Pay Up for Ransomware?
Curt Franklin  
7/17/2017   3 comments
When is it okay to pay the ransom demanded by malware? Take our poll to add your voice to the community wisdom.
Six Million Voices Crying at Once
Curt Franklin  
7/14/2017   12 comments
A Friday haiku on the latest huge hack – this time, at Verizon.
Voice of Security Radio: Hidden Threats on the Web
Curt Franklin  
7/12/2017   2 comments
Join Curtis Franklin when he talks with Chris Oldon, CEO of The Media Trust, about the threats that lurk in the hidden -- and not-so-hidden -- corners of the web.
Cybersecurity: More a People Than a Tech Challenge?
Ray Le Maistre  
7/11/2017   4 comments
When it comes to cybersecurity strategies, the human angle needs to be brought to the fore, according to BT and KPMG.
HONEST Results: What Keeps You Up at Night?
Curt Franklin  
7/11/2017   5 comments
What security issues are Security Now community members afraid of? Our poll tells the tale of the terror.
Open Door Policy
Curt Franklin  
7/7/2017   6 comments
A Friday Haiku on Insecure States
Voice of Security Radio: Will a Digital Transformation Transform Your Security?
Curt Franklin  
7/5/2017   4 comments
'Digital Transformation' can be a big umbrella term: What does it mean – and what does it mean to your security? Those are the questions for this week's Voice of Security Radio.

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