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Content posted in November 2018
Marriott: 500 Million Guest Records Compromised in Data Breach
News Analysis  
11/30/2018   45 comments
Marriott is investigating a possible data breach that may have compromised the personal data of 500 million Starwood guests, including credit card information, names, addresses and more.
UPnProxy Still Infecting Thousands of Home & Small Business Routers
Larry Loeb  
11/30/2018   12 comments
An analysis by Akamai finds that UPnProxy is still out in the wild and still targeting routers mainly used in homes and by small businesses.
Dell: Your Personal Info May, or May Not, Have Been Stolen
News Analysis  
11/29/2018   23 comments
It appears attackers attempted to penetrate Dell's network in early November. While the company does not believe any personal data was taken, Dell cannot guarantee no one was compromised.
Ransomware, New Privacy Laws Are Top Security Concerns for 2019
News Analysis  
11/29/2018   24 comments
It's never too early for New Year's predictions. The Information Security Forum is focused on four areas for 2019: ransomware; new privacy laws and regulations; IoT; and supply chain.
Iranian Hackers Charged With Creating SamSam Ransomware
News Analysis  
11/29/2018   2 comments
The Justice Department has charged two Iranian hackers with creating the SamSam ransomware that helped them collect about $6 million in Bitcoin ransom and caused about $30 million in damage.
New Worm Helps Spread Fileless Version of Bladabindi RAT
Larry Loeb  
11/28/2018   10 comments
An updated version of the Bladabindi RAT is fileless and can now be spread through removable USB and other storage devices.
Feds Charge 8 in Large-Scale Ad Fraud & Botnet Scheme
News Analysis  
11/28/2018   9 comments
The Justice Department has charged eight people with operating a large-scale ad fraud scheme that involved a pair of botnets based on malware dubbed Kovter and Boaxxe.
UK & Dutch Authorities Slap Uber With Fines Over 2016 Data Breach
News Analysis  
11/28/2018   3 comments
On the same day, authorities in the UK and the Netherlands each fined Uber for a data breach that occurred in 2016 and affected millions of customers, as well as Uber drivers.
Rowhammer Vulnerability Can Bypass ECC Memory Chips
Larry Loeb  
11/27/2018   17 comments
New research finds that the Rowhammer vulnerability can be adjusted to bypass ECC memory chips, exposing processors to an attack.
12 Cloud Backup Tips to Protect Your Business's Back-End Servers
Alan Zeichick  
11/27/2018   28 comments
The cloud can offer cost-effective backups for enterprise web servers, file servers and other critical infrastructure. Here are a dozen tips on how to make cloud backups safe and efficient.
Facebook Documents Could Shed Light on Company's Privacy Policies
News Analysis  
11/27/2018   13 comments
Now that the UK Parliament has seized a cache of Facebook documents and emails, experts foresee a new focus on how the social media giant treats its users' privacy and personal data.
Carbon Black: Cyber Attacks Could Jump 60% During Holidays
Jeffrey Burt  
11/26/2018   20 comments
Spear-phishing campaigns are the most common form of attack as shoppers go to the stores and online and employees hit the road, according to a survey from Carbon Black.
Cross-Functional Communication Can Better Secure Your Enterprise
News Analysis  
11/26/2018   2 comments
Security teams are being asked to not only handle a greater threat landscape, but help the entire enterprise stay secure. Cross-functional communication can help your security work more effectively outside the InfoSec department.
GDPR Presents New Challenges in Backup & Disaster Recovery Management
Joe Stanganelli  
11/23/2018   3 comments
GDPR applies not only to primary systems, but also to backup and recovery systems. Cloud storage, combined with a modicum of common sense, may prove essential to helping with GDPR compliance for these systems.
Perceptual Ad Blockers Have Security Flaws, Too
Larry Loeb  
11/22/2018   15 comments
Blocking ads is more than stopping annoying pop-ups. There's a security component as well. However, a crop of perceptual ad blockers that use machine learning have their own flaws and shortcomings.
Geoblocking, Even at Low Levels, Restricts Internet Freedom – Study
Larry Loeb  
11/21/2018   Post a comment
A new research paper from the University of Michigan and Cloudflare finds that geoblocking or geofencing is not as extensive as some believe. However, even at low levels, this practice can restrict Internet freedom.
IoT Security Problems Can Cost Enterprises Millions
Jeffrey Burt  
11/20/2018   Post a comment
A survey by DigiCert finds that the IoT is a priority for most companies, but many enterprises struggle when it comes to security and privacy. This can translate into firms losing millions.
Former FBI Agent James Gagliano: 'Cyber Touches Everything'
News Analysis  
11/20/2018   Post a comment
Former FBI Agent James Gagliano sees the worlds of physical security and cybersecurity increasingly merging in the area of critical infrastructure.
Employees Traveling This Holiday? Don't Forget Good Security Practices
Larry Loeb  
11/19/2018   Post a comment
A survey finds that employees are more likely to bypass good security practices when they travel during the holiday season, but still log onto the corporate network to work.
Security Concerns Increasing as BYOD Programs Continue to Grow
Jeffrey Burt  
11/19/2018   1 comment
Businesses are expanding their BYOD programs to include partners, customers and others, but most are behind in securing their mobile environments, according to a Bitglass survey.
BlackBerry Acquiring Security & AI Firm Cylance for $1.4B
News Analysis  
11/16/2018   1 comment
BlackBerry is continuing to move away from its smartphone legacy with the acquisition of Cylance, a firm that specializes in artificial intelligence and security, in a deal worth $1.4 billion.
Magecart Attacks Proving Persistent Problem for Online Retailers
News Analysis  
11/16/2018   1 comment
A research report shows that one in five sites targeted by a Magecart attack become re-infected, with the average skimming operation lasting nearly 2 weeks.
New Spectre & Meltdown Attacks Show Limits of CPU Vulnerabilities
Larry Loeb  
11/16/2018   8 comments
A group of researchers from Belgium, Austria and the US have uncovered more Spectre and Meltdown flaws in CPU architectures, but their paper also shows the limits of these vulnerabilities in real-world attacks.
Mylobot Botnet & Khalesi Malware Deliver One-Two Security Punch
News Analysis  
11/15/2018   Post a comment
The recently discovered Mylobot botnet is now delivering Khalesi information stealer malware as part of its payload, according to new research from CenturyLink.
Kubernetes & Containers Stir Security Concerns in the Cloud
News Analysis  
11/15/2018   1 comment
A study by security startup StackRox finds that in the rush to incorporate Kubernetes and containers into enterprises' cloud plans, security issues are being missed.
WannaCry Continues Rampage 18 Months After First Outbreak
News Analysis  
11/15/2018   Post a comment
A new report from Kaspersky Lab finds that 18 months after WannaCry fist infected Windows machines around the world, the ransomware remain a significant security threat.
Sophos: 'Living off the Land' Is the Law of the Land
News Analysis  
11/14/2018   1 comment
In its annual Threat Report, Sophos Labs researchers find that cybercriminals are using 'living off the Land' techniques more frequently for their attacks. At the same time, the study finds that ransomware is getting more hands-on.
Google Data Center Traffic Rerouted to Nigeria, China & Russia
Larry Loeb  
11/14/2018   4 comments
For over an hour this week, some Internet traffic from Google's data centers was rerouted through a Nigerian ISP and possibly sent to Russia and China.
Cyber Attacks Becoming Greater Risk for Businesses Worldwide
News Analysis  
11/13/2018   Post a comment
A new study by the World Economic Forum finds that cyber attacks present the greatest risk to businesses in Europe, North America and eastern Asia.
Cloudflare's DNS Service Lands on Android, iOS
News Analysis  
11/13/2018   1 comment
Following the April announcement of its offering, Cloudflare is bringing its new DNS resolution service to Android and iOS.
Cryptojacking: Why SMBs Need to Stay on High Alert
News Analysis  
11/12/2018   Post a comment
Cryptojacking is one of the biggest threats circulating these days. While all businesses are at risk, SMBs are especially prone to these types of attacks. Here's how smaller firms can protect themselves.
Metamorfo Trojan Revamped to Evade Antivirus Protections
Larry Loeb  
11/12/2018   1 comment
The Metamorfo Trojan, which has targeted banks and other financial institutions in Brazil, has been revamped by threat actors to better evade antivirus and other security protections.
Symantec Offers New Details of North Korean-Backed 'FASTCash' Attack
News Analysis  
11/9/2018   2 comments
"FASTCash" is a cyber attack targeting ATMs around the world with backing from the North Korean government, and now Symantec has new details about how the scheme works.
DJI Drones Buzzed Over Security Flaw in Company's User Forum
Larry Loeb  
11/9/2018   3 comments
Check Point researchers found a flaw in the DJI's online user forum that could allow an attacker to access and steal information from one of the company's drones.
HSBC Data Breach Shows Failure to Protect Passwords & Access Controls
News Analysis  
11/8/2018   6 comments
This week, HSBC disclosed a data breach to customers that seems to show the bank failed to properly protect passwords and access controls that secured personal data.
New Botnet Infects 100K Routers to Blast Out Spam
News Analysis  
11/8/2018   Post a comment
Qihoo 360's Netlab has found a new botnet dubbed BCMUPnP_Hunter, which can infect 100,000 home routers at a time to blast out spam by connecting to web servers for Outlook, Hotmail and Yahoo.
Enterprises Confronting Increasing Volume of Critical Vulnerabilities – Study
News Analysis  
11/7/2018   Post a comment
The number of high-alert and critical vulnerabilities continues to grow, with 2018 shaping up to be a record year for security flaws found within corporate networks, according to new research from Tenable.
'Outlaw' IRC Bot Roughs Up Windows & Open Source Environments
Larry Loeb  
11/7/2018   Post a comment
Trend Micro is having a showdown with a IRC bot developed by a group dubbed 'Outlaw,' which is targeting Windows, Ubuntu and even Android environments.
Symantec Makes 2 Acquisitions, While Broadcom Dumps CA's Veracode Unit
News Analysis  
11/6/2018   Post a comment
The global cybersecurity market got an early week shakeup as Symantec acquires Javelin Networks and Appthority on the same day. Meanwhile, Broadcom completed its deal for CA Technologies and immediately dumped the company's Veracode security unit.
Cybercrooks Redirect Vote411 Website Searchers to Scareware Page
News Analysis  
11/6/2018   Post a comment
After comedian John Oliver promoted the Vote411 website on his show, cybercrooks started redirecting iOS users to an alternative site that serves up scareware.
'BLEEDINGBIT' Bluetooth Vulnerability Leaves Enterprises Exposed to Attacks
Larry Loeb  
11/5/2018   5 comments
Security firm Armis has found two, zero-day vulnerabilities in the BLE protocol of Texas Instrument chips that researchers call 'BLEEDINGBIT.'
On Eve of 2018 Midterm Elections, All Eyes Still on Cybersecurity
Jeffrey Burt  
11/5/2018   2 comments
Netscout and McAfee executives talk about the myriad challenges facing state and county election officials as voting for the 2018 midterm elections is about to get underway.
RDP Attacks Prompt New Slate of Security Warnings
Larry Loeb  
11/2/2018   3 comments
Following a warning by the FBI, Trend Micro has issued its own alert about an increase in RDP attacks that have targeted enterprises all around the world.
Kraken Cryptor Update Points to Rise of Ransomware-as-a-Service
News Analysis  
11/2/2018   1 comment
With the group behind the Fallout Exploit Kit distributing a new version of Kraken Cryptor, a joint investigation by McAfee and Recorded Future finds that ransomware-as-a-service is on the rise.
Let's Get Physical: Why Protecting Hardware Is Essential to Good Cybersecurity
Alan Zeichick  
11/1/2018   7 comments
Enterprises need to consider physical security as part of any comprehensive cybersecurity plan.
New 'Sextortion' Schemes Fueled by Stolen Passwords & Credentials
News Analysis  
11/1/2018   9 comments
Cybercriminals are using a cache of old, stolen credentials and passwords to fuel a new spate of 'sextortion' campaigns aimed at embarrassing individual users, according to data compiled by Barracuda Networks.
DoJ Charges 10 Chinese Nationals in Elaborate Cyberespionage Case
News Analysis  
11/1/2018   5 comments
The Justice Department has indicted 10 Chinese nationals as part of an elaborate cyberespionage case that involved stealing plans for a new turbonfan engine and infecting computers with malware.

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