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Content posted in April 2019
The Essential Guide to Understanding Risk and Quantification
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To minimize risk associated with non-compliance, FS companies must first understand their compliance exposer. To do that, they need to evaluate their security practices in the context of regulatory frameworks. Download the Whitepaper to learn more.
7 Experts on Threat and Vulnerability Management
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One of the greatest challenges security teams face is identifying, assessing, and eliminating vulnerabilities before the bad guys find them. There are no simple answers, but the essays in this eBook contain many observations and valuable lessons from experts actively facing these challenges.
A CISO’S Guide to Hybrid Cloud Security
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Hybrid clouds are an integral component of most businesses, yet CISOs face major challenges achieving consistent security and compliance across environments. This guide explores the top challenges in securing hybrid cloud, and outlines a modern approach for CISOs to overcome them.
Endpoint EcoSystems E-Book: Collaborating To Conquer Security Threats
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Employees are traveling more frequently and using their own devices for business purposes, adding layers of complexity to the already tough job the IT department has of protecting company data and endpoint devices. Tablets and smartphones now can hold copies of entire customer databases, and connect to cloud services and removable media where even more sensitive company info is kept.
(Sans) Understanding the (True) Cost of Endpoint Management Survey
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In this paper, the SANS Institute reviews the challenges in dealing with complex, ever-changing environments and offers suggestions and recommendations in effective endpoint management. Additionally, they discuss enterprise security as it relates to endpoint management and examine the benefits of integrating endpoint management into your security posture.
Forrester Research - The Total Economic Impact of IBM BigFix Patch And BigFix Compliance
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The Total Economic Impact™ of IBM BigFix Patch and Compliance is a thorough research report that examines the return on investment (ROI) actual BigFix clients have experienced deploying the solution across their enterprises over multiple years.
CISOs Investigate: Endpoint Security Peer-authored Research
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Read the CISOs Investigate Research Report on Endpoint Security. The Value of the peer input cannot be overstated. Authored by leading Chief Information Security Officers across a multitude of industries, CISOs offer first-hand insights to security leaders as they make business driven risk and technology decisions.
Understanding the True Cost of Endpoint Management Webinar
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