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Tesla Lawsuit Claims Insider Breached Company Security
News Analysis  
6/22/2018   6 comments
Tesla has filed a lawsuit against a former employee, claiming he violated company policies, damaged equipment and stole data. The truth is more complicated but the incident shows the threats insiders can pose.
Satori Botnet Targeting D-Link Routers in Latest Attack
News Analysis  
6/21/2018   1 comment
The Mirai-based Satori botnet is targeting a widely used router and modem device from D-Link in an attack discovered this week, according to an analysis from Radware.
Cyber Criminals Using Hidden Tunnels to Attack Banks, Financial Institutions
News Analysis  
6/20/2018   1 comment
A new study from Vecta finds that cyber criminals are using so-called hidden tunnels to carry out sophisticated command and control attacks designed to steal personal data from banks and other financial institutions.
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Becoming Greater Security Concerns
News Analysis  
6/19/2018   4 comments
The rise of schemes targeting cryptocurrencies is starting to raise concerns about blockchain security, according to a new study conducted by McAfee.
World Cup Penalty: Phishing Campaign Targets Soccer Fans
News Analysis  
6/19/2018   1 comment
Check Point has uncovered a phishing campaign targeting fans of the FIFA World Cup, with cybercriminals attempting to get people to download a schedule of fixtures and a result tracker that hide malicious software.
Over 300K Cybersecurity Jobs Remain Open in the US, Study Finds
News Analysis  
6/15/2018   3 comments
A report from CyberSeek finds that there are currently over 300,000 open positions for cybersecurity professionals in the US, which includes more than 13,000 positions in the public sector.
iOS App Store Guidelines Effectively Ban Cryptomining
News Analysis  
6/13/2018   2 comments
Apple has issued new guidelines for iOS developers that effectively ban cryptomining apps from the company's App Store. The move follows similar changes from Google.
Email-Based Attacks Still Wreaking Havoc on Enterprises, Study Finds
News Analysis  
6/12/2018   4 comments
A recent study by Barracuda Networks found that 87% of businesses have sustained at least one email-based attack in the past year, and most times it's poor training that allows these breaches to happen.
Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrency Prices in Flux Following Hack
News Analysis  
6/12/2018   1 comment
A hack of a South Korean cryptocurrency exchange over the weekend sent the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into flux on Monday, upsetting an already volatile market.
Over 100K Drupal Sites Still Exposed to Critical RCE Vulnerability
News Analysis  
6/7/2018   5 comments
While many companies have patched their Drupal CMS platforms to protect against an RCE vulnerability, a new analysis finds that more than 100,000 websites remain exposed.
VPNFilter Malware Targets More Routers Than Originally Thought
News Analysis  
6/7/2018   1 comment
In an update to its research into the VPNFilter botnet malware, Cisco Talos researchers increased the number of routers that were targeted.
MyHeritage Data Breach of 92M Accounts Raises Many Questions
News Analysis  
6/6/2018   7 comments
After being contacted by a security researcher, MyHeritage announced that as many as 92 million of its accounts may have been compromised. However, there are more questions that need to be asked about this data breach.
North Korean-Linked Group Stops Targeting US Ahead of Summit
News Analysis  
6/5/2018   8 comments
Covellite, which has been linked to North Korea, has stopped targeting facilities in the US and other parts of North America ahead of a planned summit later this month.
Security Pros Have Double Standards When It Comes to Breaches
News Analysis  
6/5/2018   2 comments
Security professionals are eager to know more about data breaches, except in their own organizations, where mum's the word, according to a new report.
FBI Urges Businesses & Consumers to Reboot Routers
News Analysis  
5/30/2018   2 comments
After the discovery of botnet malware called VPNFilter last week, the FBI is urging small businesses and consumers to reboot their routers to stop these devices from being used in an attack.
Cybersecurity & C-Suite: Why Executives Should Take the Lead
News Analysis  
5/29/2018   7 comments
Enterprises of all sizes need to be cyber resilient, but who should take the lead? Here's why the whole C-Suite needs to get more involved in the fight against cyberattacks – both inside and out.
Office 365 & G-Suite: How Email Security Is Failing Your Business
News Analysis  
5/29/2018   4 comments
Microsoft's Office 365 and Google's G-Suite boast of many advanced features to secure email, however, as phishers and other attackers get better at attacking email platforms, these two companies need to do more to keep up.
World Password Day 2018: Let's Make It the Last One
News Analysis  
5/28/2018   4 comments
Every year, the IT and security world marks World Password Day, but why do we? Here's why this year's should be the last one ever.
Kaspersky: Data Breaches Cost Enterprises $1.23M
News Analysis  
5/25/2018   14 comments
Between 2017 and 2018, the average cost to clean up a data breach in an enterprise increased 24% to $1.23 million, according to new research from Kaspersky Labs. The recovery for small firms increased even more to 36%.
GDPR: SecurityNow's Need-to-Know Guide
News Analysis  
5/25/2018   1 comment
Today marks the official beginning of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. Here's everything you need to know about the new privacy and security framework.
Microsoft Offering GDPR-Like Protection for All Customers
News Analysis  
5/23/2018   4 comments
Microsoft plans to expand GDPR privacy protections to all its customers, both inside and outside the European Union.
TeenSafe Data Leak Shows Cloud Security Weaknesses
News Analysis  
5/22/2018   4 comments
The news that TeenSafe, which allows parents to monitor the activity of their children's phone use, leaked personal info that shows some of the issues with moving so much sensitive data into the cloud.
McAfee Finds More Malware on Google Play Targeting North Korea Dissidents
News Analysis  
5/18/2018   3 comments
McAfee researchers have found more malware hiding in the Google Play store that is targeting North Korean dissidents. It's the second instance of the so-called ‘Sun Team.’
FBI Suspects Former CIA Worker of Vault 7 Leak – Report
News Analysis  
5/18/2018   2 comments
Federal prosecutors and the FBI believe that a former CIA developer gave the so-called Vault 7 tools to Wikileaks but have been unable to prove it or bring charges, according to a published report.
GDPR Is Driving Businesses to Revamp Privacy & Security Policies
News Analysis  
5/17/2018   11 comments
While enterprises have been slow to respond to the rigors of GDPR guidelines, companies are now using the May 25 deadline to improve their data privacy and security infrastructure, according to a survey from IBM.
Trump Administration Eliminating Cyber Coordinator Role – Report
News Analysis  
5/16/2018   2 comments
The Trump administration is eliminating the role of cyber coordinator on the National Security Council under the guise of streamlining the decision process. Security pros aren't impressed...
Chili's Investigating Data Breach After Malware Infects PoS Machines
News Analysis  
5/15/2018   2 comments
Chili's is investigating a data breach that started when the restaurant chain's point-of-sale machines were infected with malware. It's not clear what customer data was taken or how much.
Trump Tweets Lifeline to ZTE
News Analysis  
5/14/2018   3 comments
After running afoul of the US Commerce Department and raising security concerns, ZTE appears to get a lifeline from President Trump.
IBM's USB Ban Earns Some Praise, Some Skepticism
News Analysis  
5/14/2018   4 comments
In a bold move that has security experts talking, IBM is reportedly looking to ban USB drives, as well as other portable storage devices, for its employees.
Microsoft, Apple & Others Rush OS Patches Following Debugging Debacle
News Analysis  
5/10/2018   2 comments
Microsoft, Apple, along with several open source operating systems providers, plus a few hypervisor vendors, rushed patches out this week following a x86 chip debugging mistake.
Equifax Filing Sheds Light on 2017 Data Breach Carnage
News Analysis  
5/9/2018   1 comment
In a new filing with Securities and Exchange Commission, Equifax executives are offering a greater level of detail of the 2017 data breach that affected more than 146 million customers.
FBI: Ransomware Contributed to $1.4B in Losses in 2017
News Analysis  
5/9/2018   2 comments
The FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center is out with its annual report based on complaints from consumers in the US, as well as overseas. Overall, losses totaled $1.4 billion in 2017, with ransomware, business email compromise and tech support fraud as the main culprits.
Romanian Hackers Extradited to US for $18M Bank Fraud Scheme
News Analysis  
5/8/2018   5 comments
The DOJ has charged three Romanian citizens with using automated phones calls and software to steal about $18 million from bank customers in the US.
Number of Data Breach Reports Fell More Than 50% in Q1 – Study
News Analysis  
5/8/2018   1 comment
The number of reported data breaches fell more than 50% in the first quarter of this year compared to the same time in 2017, as attackers focused more on cryptomining and cryptojacking schemes.
'Spectre NG' Flaws Reportedly Found in Intel Chips
News Analysis  
5/4/2018   1 comment
A German magazine is reporting that ’Spectre Next Generation’ vulnerabilities have been found in Intel's x86 processors, although full details are not being released yet.
Pentagon, Citing Security, Will Stop Selling Huawei, ZTE Smartphones
News Analysis  
5/3/2018   9 comments
The Pentagon is following a ruling by the FCC and concern from other government agencies, and is now discontinuing sales of Huawei and ZTE smartphones to DoD personnel.
New Vulnerability Puts Industrial Systems at Risk
News Analysis  
5/3/2018   1 comment
Security research firm Tenable has found a new remote code execution vulnerability in software made by Schneider Electric that is used in power plants and other industrial systems.
Ransomware Attacks Against Healthcare Increased in 2017
News Analysis  
5/2/2018   12 comments
A Cylance report looking at the threat landscape of 2017 found that the healthcare industry took the brunt of ransomware attacks.
Cybercriminals Increasingly Targeting 'Crown Jewels' Both Inside & Out
News Analysis  
5/1/2018   6 comments
Protecting the 'crown jewels' of an enterprise and organization is always a top priority. However, cybercriminals are now trying to steal this privileged data from both inside, as well as outside, businesses of all kinds.
Insider Threats Cost Enterprises More Than $8M Every Year – Report
News Analysis  
4/30/2018   17 comments
Insider threats, whether it's an employee with malicious intent or a worker is simply careless, can cost enterprises more than $8 million over the course of 12 months to clean up, according to a new report.
North Korea-Linked 'Operation GhostSecret' Found in 17 Countries
News Analysis  
4/27/2018   5 comments
A new report out this week from McAfee has identified a new North Korea-linked cyber operation called 'GhostSecret,' which appears to be active in 17 different countries and targeting a number of different industries.
Cryptocurrency Theft Uses Old Exploit to Highjack AWS Traffic
News Analysis  
4/26/2018   2 comments
Earlier this week, attackers stole about $150,000 worth of cryptocurrency by exploiting a flaw in Domain Name System servers that allowed the group to hijack AWS traffic for about two hours.
SEC Slaps Yahoo Successor With $35M Fine for 2014 Data Breach
News Analysis  
4/25/2018   8 comments
The SEC has hit Yahoo's successor, Altaba, with a $35 million fine related to the company's 2014 data breach.
Atlanta's Ransomware Attack Cost Around $2.6M – Report
News Analysis  
4/24/2018   2 comments
A report indicates that Atlanta spent a little over $2.6 million to defend itself against the SamSam ransomware attack that crippled city services earlier this year.
SunTrust Investigation Shows Continuing Threats Posed by Insiders
News Analysis  
4/24/2018   3 comments
SunTrust Banks investigate a possible data theft by an employee that could have exposed the personal information of 1.5 million customers. The incident shows insider threats remain a significant security issue.
At-Risk Routers & Russian Hacking Plans Stir Talk at RSA
News Analysis  
4/23/2018   Post a comment
At last week's RSA conference, the recent US and UK disclosure that Russia-backed actors have been targeting unpatched and older routers stirred conversations among security experts.
Firewall Fail: IT Can't Identify All Network Traffic
News Analysis  
4/19/2018   2 comments
With more and more traffic being encrypted, IT departments are having difficulty identifying the source of traffic coming into their network and past the firewall.
DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen: Cybercrime Will Reach $6 Trillion Annually
News Analysis  
4/18/2018   1 comment
Kirstjen Nielsen, the secretary of the US Department of Homeland Security, told this week's RSA Conference that cybercrime will reach $6 trillion annually within the next three years, and that the federal government and private business need to step up their game.
Microsoft's Brad Smith: 2017 Was a Cybersecurity Wake-Up Call
News Analysis  
4/18/2018   Post a comment
Brad Smith, Microsoft's president and chief legal officer, spoke at RSA 2018 about the cybersecurity wake-up call that was 2017, and what improvements the industry could make in 2018.
As Public Cloud Use Increases, So Does Data Theft
News Analysis  
4/16/2018   1 comment
Ahead of the RSA conference, McAfee has released its annual cloud security report that finds one in four public cloud users have experienced a data theft over the past year.

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