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Larry Loeb Author, | 5/23/2019
A new survey carried out for Titus by Market Strategies International involved more than 600 IT decision-makers at leading brands across a diverse set of industries in the US, Canada and the UK. It found that respondents who adopted a more traditional or reactive approach to their data protection and security program did not believe they would reach ...
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Larry Loeb Author, | 5/22/2019
It's easy to dismiss last week's Executive Order as posturing in a complicated game of US-China trade relations. Imposed tariffs can always be revoked at a later date.
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Larry Loeb Author, | 5/21/2019
A new proposed web standard, Client Hints, is a new standard for HTTP communication. It has separate aspects that are dealt with in different Internet standards bodies (i.e. the IETF and W3C respectively.)
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Larry Loeb Author, | 5/21/2019
Bitglass has looked at the top three data breaches of the last three years, and found that a drop in the victim's stock price post-infection was one of the effects.
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Tim Woods Vice President, Technology Alliances, FireMon, | 5/20/2019
Until recently, security was a "bolt-on" or an afterthought -- if a thought at all -- in the DevOps process. It's easy to understand why. Application development has dramatically improved in speed and quality through the adoption of DevOps, agile development and continuous deployment initiatives, while security still relies on manual processes that just ...
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Mark Bower General Manager for North America, Egress, | 5/17/2019
The average data breach now costs a company $3.86 million, up 6.4% since 2017. Unfortunately, data breaches are now so common we rarely go a day without hearing about the latest one. When these breaches are the result of employee actions, for example, accidental data leakage or clicking on a malicious link in an email, it can often be difficult for ...
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Larry Loeb Author, | 5/15/2019
Cisco has issued a high-level security advisory about a "Secure Boot Hardware Tampering Vulnerability." This advisory affects almost all Cisco products since 2013 that support the Trust Anchor module (TAm).
Latest comment: @Ariella Nope.
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Larry Loeb Author, | 5/14/2019
CVE-2019-0604, the SharePoint problem that became semi-famous because Microsoft had to reissue the patch for it after they had already put one out, has been seen in the wild.
Latest comment: @Larry QUITE SO.
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Larry Loeb Author, | 5/13/2019
Wakefield Research has published its Webroot-sponsored report, The Cyber Hygiene Risk Index, in which they make evaluations about Americans and their habits.
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LarryLoeb, 5/22/2019 6:52:17 PM
LightNeuron Sneaks In Through the Exchange Backdoor
@Ariella The little rotters never stand still.

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Ariella, 5/22/2019 5:01:32 PM
Cybercrime Study Finds Increasing Costs as Well as Changing Targets & Methods
@mhhf1ve do you think it's higher or lower?

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