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Curtis Franklin Security Editor, | 8/18/2017
When DevSecOps are defined it can begin a process. But ultimately process requires tools to become practice. Where do you go to find tools to use when an organization wants to move beyond theory adding security to DevOps?
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Curtis Franklin Security Editor, | 8/18/2017
In the spirit of our parent publication Light Reading, a Friday Security Haiku.
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Michael Lynch Chief Strategy Officer, InAuth, | 8/17/2017
Digital Identity has many definitions. Digital identity is known to be the online representation of a person's civil and personal identity. Some of the newer ways of describing digital identity also describe it as the entire collection of data associated with a person's interactions online. In certain scenarios, the device or application the person is ...
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Curtis Franklin Security Editor, | 8/15/2017
Can security come with speed? More to the point, can security come via the agile methodology, or via agile's logical successor, DevOps? Those are questions that were addressed at last week's Agile 2017 conference in Orlando, Fla., and the subjects of several conversations that held during the conference.
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Larry Loeb Author, | 8/14/2017
The upfront: This now-biweekly column is going to focus on security. But, the scope is going to be beyond just telling you about what the latest ransomware variant does. While that kind of focus is important, the optics of security reporting of late has gotten rather limited. The context of security has at the same time grown ever wider, rising from just ...
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Joe Stanganelli Principal, Beacon Hill Law, | 8/10/2017
Many programmers and engineers possess a natural distrust of attorneys. Nonetheless, when it comes to protecting their organization's data, the attorney and the security engineer can be natural allies because of their mutual interests and similar ways of thinking.
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Curtis Franklin Security Editor, | 8/9/2017
The software world is moving toward agile, and that's a good thing according to the speakers and attendees at Agile 2017, an industry conference taking place in Orlando, Fla. When agile expands to include both hardware and software, you can end up at DevOps, which promises continuous delivery of constantly improving software on a consistent, stable ...
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Carl Herberger vice president of security, Radware, | 8/3/2017
Is there honor among hackers?
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Curtis Franklin Security Editor, | 7/31/2017
Black Hat 2017 has come and gone, and attendees have scattered to the winds, going home to count their new t-shirts, run exhaustive anti-malware passes on their devices and take stock of everything they learned at the conference.
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Join editor Curt Franklin and guest Rebekah Brown, threat intelligence lead at Rpaid7, as they discuss the the most important news at one of the largest security conferences of 2017.
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Facebook has introduced new measures that will enable users to secure access to their accounts using a physical 'key' application.
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