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Simon Marshall Technology Journalist, | 12/7/2017
When reviewing the threat landscape of 2017, Equifax will be the most significant compromise since the breach should have been closed-out in advance.
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Michael Lynch Chief Strategy Officer, InAuth, | 12/6/2017
Every holiday season, the use of automated bots to grab the hottest toys, electronics and other items en masse aggravates shoppers and retailers alike. These sophisticated bots are able to make legitimate purchases of high demand, limited quality items at superhuman speed. In turn, the items purchased are then resold for a premium (sometimes exorbitant) ...
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Scott Ferguson Editor, Enterprise Cloud, | 12/5/2017
A group of international law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, are claiming a victory over the massive Andromeda botnet, which infected at least 1 million PCs each month and spawned a wave of malware families.
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Larry Loeb Author, | 12/4/2017
Ankit Anubhav of Newsky Security, a firm that specializes in Internet of Things security, has found something troubling in his research.
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Joe Stanganelli Principal, Beacon Hill Law, | 11/30/2017
"The Internet of Things leads also to the Internet of Threats because, obviously, every device that has [connectivity to] the Internet built into it becomes subject to hacking; that's just the bottom line," said US Senator Edward Markey (D-Mass.) in a Senate Subcommittee hearing last year. "If you don't deal with the threats, then all you are doing is ...
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Simon Marshall Technology Journalist, | 11/16/2017
In 2018, you have a choice: stride boldly into a new year and defend against a bunch of increased or new security threats, or hide under your desk with your PC turned off.
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Simon Marshall Technology Journalist, | 11/10/2017
In April 2007, Estonia relocated the Bronze Soldier of Tallinn (or, 'Alyosha'), a World War Two monument dedicated to the Red Army. This event caused a military build-up on the border from the Russian Federation, and two nights of rioting. The ripple effect from a giant cyber-attack timed for these events are still being felt by today's cybersecurity ...
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Curtis Franklin Security Editor, | 11/7/2017
Here's what makes GPS so dangerous as an attack vector: The modern world runs on information. And if you can make an enemy act on bad information, you have a decided advantage.
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Simon Marshall Technology Journalist, | 11/1/2017
Security teams are over-stretched. It's no secret. The diversity and explosion in threats versus the skills shortage are making everyone sweat. The noise from threat warnings is increasing, prioritization is a struggle and sometimes knowledge and experience get lost along the way.
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Facebook has introduced new measures that will enable users to secure access to their accounts using a physical 'key' application.
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