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Jeffrey Burt Attackers Increasingly Turning Attention to the Cloud
Jeffrey Burt, Freelance Editor & Journ, 7/13/2018  
The cloud became an increasingly popular target in the first half of this year for cybercriminals looking to do everything from stealing data to siphoning compute power to mine cryptocurrencies, according to cybersecurity software provider Check Point Technologies.
Larry Loeb Bug Bounty Programs Paying Off for Enterprises
Larry Loeb, Author, 7/13/2018  
Organizations have come to realize that their security is improved when technically competent people examine their products for vulnerabilities.
Jeffrey Burt IBM: Hidden Costs Drive Up Financial Hit of Mega Breaches to $350M
Jeffrey Burt, Freelance Editor & Journ, 7/12/2018  
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The cost of data breaches to companies continues to go up, with the average hitting $3.86 million, according to a study by IBM Security. However, the cost of "mega breaches" -- where 1 million to 50 million records are lost -- can reach as high as $350 million, particularly when hidden costs are factored in.
Jeffrey Burt Kaspersky: Asia the Focus of APT Operations in Q2
Jeffrey Burt, Freelance Editor & Journ, 7/12/2018  

Asia has become a major field of play for a growing number of advanced persistent threat (APT) operations run by a mix of well-known and new bad actors, according to threat researchers with Kaspersky Lab.
Larry Loeb Magecart Group Seen as Hidden Hand Behind Ticketmaster Attack
Larry Loeb, Author, 7/11/2018  
The attack against Ticketmaster that came to light at the end of June is bigger than initially perceived. Thought to be a relatively simple compromise of one of their service providers, RiskIQ has found that the Ticketmaster exploit was just a symptom of a far wider theft ring.
Jeffrey Burt HNS IoT Botnet Evolves, Goes Cross-Platform
Jeffrey Burt, Freelance Editor & Journ, 7/10/2018  
A fast-evolving botnet discovered earlier this year that initially targeted Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as home routers and DVRs is now taking aim at NoSQL database servers.
Jeffrey Burt Cisco: GDPR Is About More Than Compliance
Jeffrey Burt, Freelance Editor & Journ, 7/10/2018  

The high-profile data protection rules in Europe -- talked about for several years and now finally in force for a little more than a month -- could bring about some much-needed changes in privacy and data management policies, according to Cisco's top privacy official.
Larry Loeb Attackers Combining Smoke Loader & PROPagate in New Campaign
Larry Loeb, Author, 7/9/2018  

The combination of the Smoke Loader backdoor and the PROPagate injection technique has shown up again in a new campaign.
Larry Loeb Google, Firefox Pull Stylish After Report Shows How Data Is Collected
Larry Loeb, Author, 7/6/2018  
It started out as a way to make the Internet look the way you wished it to. But it ended up spying on what you were doing on it, and sending the information to a marketing company.
Jeffrey Burt How Quantum Physics Will Protect Against Quantum-Busting Encryption
Jeffrey Burt, Freelance Editor & Journ, 7/5/2018  

Quantum computing holds the promise of systems that are multiple times faster than today's most powerful supercomputers and can solve problems that are currently out of reach.
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