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Curtis Franklin How Can You Beat the Widespread ROCA?
Curtis Franklin, Security Editor, 10/19/2017  

Encryption can save an enterpise and its data. Right now, though, the question is who's going to save encryption.
Simon Marshall GDPR Pressure Begins on US Multinationals
Simon Marshall, Technology Journalist, 10/19/2017  

Europe's influence in US data protection law will soon prove whether businesses that hold personally identifiable information (PII) can meet the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), currently awaiting launch in the US after the EU-US Privacy Shield act was ratified Wednesday by the EU.
Curtis Franklin Necurs Malware Wants a Selfie With Your Desktop
Curtis Franklin, Security Editor, 10/18/2017  
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It's time to check your spam-blockers again because Necurs is back in town. This time it's bringing a new ransomware payload and a way to check on your defenses.
Curtis Franklin McAfee Brings AI to Security With New Products
Curtis Franklin, Security Editor, 10/18/2017  

McAfee, at its first MPOWER event since leaving the Intel corporate fold, has made a series of product announcements focused on analytics and security. The new Investigator product takes the lead, with additional products announced for SOCs, endpoints and cloud platforms.
Curtis Franklin KRACK Attack: How Enterprises Can Protect Their WiFi
Curtis Franklin, Security Editor, 10/17/2017  
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By this time you've probably heard about the KRACK attack, and what you've heard is right. This one is bad, and it's everywhere.
Simon Marshall Attivo Goes On the Attack Against Hackers
Simon Marshall, Technology Journalist, 10/17/2017  
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Hackers heading into an enterprise have another reason to be cautious: they could become the hunted, not the hunter. In a kind of cyber bait-and-switch, valuable data turns out to fake, and the trap is sprung. More and more enterprises are becoming interested in so-called deception technology, designed to turn the tables on attackers.
Curtis Franklin HONEST Poll Results: How Much Should You Encrypt?
Curtis Franklin, Security Editor, 10/16/2017  
If the goal is to keep data out of unauthorized hands, should organizations simply encrypt every bit they possess?
Larry Loeb CoinHive Mines New Malware Potential
Larry Loeb, Author, 10/16/2017  
How a website can make money for someone has been a concern since the web began. The first answer that emerged was a port of the kind of advertisement that might be seen in a newspaper, but on a web page. Just charging someone for displaying it didn't work out so well, so tying that ad to traffic generated for the advertiser -- the click-through -- was the next step.
Simon Marshall Cisco Talos Team Tackles Top-Tier TXT Threat
Simon Marshall, Technology Journalist, 10/13/2017  
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Archetypically, hackers are unseen cloaked mysteries that run free in the night and pillage with impunity. It's not until daybreak that the damage is reckoned. Hackers hunt and exploit the vulnerable. But they themselves are also the hunted.
Curtis Franklin Risk & Reality Take Different Paths in Cybersecurity
Curtis Franklin, Security Editor, 10/13/2017  
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When you study human communications, things can get complicated. Many theories can explain what we think about what we hear and see. But here's something that's not complicated: When we read stories about crime, we tend to think that the world is a more dangerous place.
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