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Simon Marshall Office 365 Flaw Could Lead to 'Stealthy Admin' Headaches
Simon Marshall, Technology Journalist, 12/15/2017  

How many "stealthy admins" does your company have? That is, how many users do you have on a domain discretionary access control list (DACL), who have unnecessarily elevated domain privileges?
Larry Loeb Russian DNS Gobbling Up Internet Traffic
Larry Loeb, Author, 12/15/2017  

Two incidents that occurred over three hours on December 12 showed how vulnerable the Internet remains to misrouting.
Simon Marshall Kaspersky Names WannaCry 'Vulnerability of the Year'
Simon Marshall, Technology Journalist, 12/12/2017  

When looking back at the 2017 threat landscape, what event had the most impact? In a troublesome 12-month retrospective, Kaspersky Lab reckons WannaCry -- indirectly aided by the US National Security Agency -- was the baddest boy on the security block.
Larry Loeb enSilo Researchers: Your NTFS Transactions Belong to Us
Larry Loeb, Author, 12/11/2017  
Security researchers from enSilo told attendees at the recent London Black Hat conference that they had some good news and some bad news for many of them.
Simon Marshall Startup Attivo Advocates for 'Deceptive' Security Protection
Simon Marshall, Technology Journalist, 12/8/2017  
Is it next-generation threat detection? Is it counter-hacking? One thing we know is that it's designed to lure hackers to a replica enterprise environment so that threats can be eliminated. It's deception.
Simon Marshall Equifax Breach Points to Similar Security Concerns – Report
Simon Marshall, Technology Journalist, 12/7/2017  
When reviewing the threat landscape of 2017, Equifax will be the most significant compromise since the breach should have been closed-out in advance.
Larry Loeb Crypto Wars: The Show That Never Ends
Larry Loeb, Author, 12/6/2017  
As the classic Emerson, Lake and Palmer song goes: "Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends." Only this time, it's the Crypto Wars that are being refought.
Simon Marshall The Security Risk Lurking in the Board of Directors
Simon Marshall, Technology Journalist, 12/5/2017  
An enterprise's board of directors is there to steer the business. However, in some cases, it is wearing a security blindfold and the vehicle they are steering is drifting off the road.
Larry Loeb Device Servers May Have Leaked Telnet Passwords for Years
Larry Loeb, Author, 12/4/2017  
Ankit Anubhav of Newsky Security, a firm that specializes in Internet of Things security, has found something troubling in his research.
Curtis Franklin Wearables Bring Privacy & Security Headaches to the Enterprise
Curtis Franklin, Security Editor, 12/1/2017  
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There's a new mobile device wandering around inside your network and it's going to have an effect on your security. If you want to know where it is, just look to the end of your employees' arms.
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