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Larry Loeb In Facebook Debacle, More Than Zuckerberg to Blame
Larry Loeb, Author, 3/23/2018  
Facebook and its privacy practices has been at the top of this week's news cycles as the realization of what went on, starting in 2014 and continuing through the 2016 presidential election, has finally dawned on the general public.
Joe Stanganelli Cybersecurity AI: Addressing the 'Artificial' Talent Shortage
Joe Stanganelli, Principal, Beacon Hill Law, 3/23/2018  

As hackers get smarter, artificial intelligence and machine learning are increasingly seen as vital skills on the cybersecurity battlefield.
Larry Loeb Crypto Crumple: A New Method of Balancing Privacy & Security
Larry Loeb, Author, 3/22/2018  

The place of cryptography in the Internet-connected world has been part of a major discussion for many years. Users want the ability to stop other entities -- including the government -- from being able to read the content of what they encrypt.
Larry Loeb Oil & Gas Industry Face Significant Cybersecurity Threat Study
Larry Loeb, Author, 3/21/2018  

A significant majority of oil and gas companies have reported a serious security breach or incident in the past year, according to a new report. This comes at a time when the safety of critical infrastructure facilities is under renewed scrutiny following a series of attacks and government warnings.
Dawn Kawamoto How to Access the Voter Information Dirt Cambridge Analytica Has on You
Dawn Kawamoto, Technology Journalist, 3/20/2018  
UK-based Cambridge Analytica and its parent company Strategic Communications Laboratories (SCL) Group may soon be facing a tsunami wave of data requests from voters, adding to the fallout from their Facebook controversy.
Dawn Kawamoto AI is Stealing These IT Security Jobs Now
Dawn Kawamoto, Technology Journalist, 3/20/2018  
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Despite a crushing demand for IT security workers, not all InfoSec roles are safe from layoffs or redeployment as more companies turn to artificial intelligence and machine learning, according to IT security and careers experts.
Simon Marshall IoT Use Complicates Security Landscape in Healthcare
Simon Marshall, Technology Journalist, 3/19/2018  
Securing the expanding universe of billions of Internet of Things devices is anything but straightforward. But in the healthcare sector, it presents unique threats to human safety and operational efficiency.
Larry Loeb Fancy Bear Linked to DealersChoice Attacks in Europe
Larry Loeb, Author, 3/19/2018  
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European government institutions and agencies have again come under attack from the Russia-linked hacking group called Fancy Bear, which also goes by the names APT28 and Sofacy, according to a new report from Palo Alto Networks.
Larry Loeb Government Workers Believe Security Is Someone Else's Job
Larry Loeb, Author, 3/16/2018  
This week, Dtex Systems released a new report, "Uncovering the Gaps: Security Perceptions and Behaviors of Today's Government Employees," looking at government workers and organizational security.
Dawn Kawamoto AI: An Emerging Insider Threat?
Dawn Kawamoto, Technology Journalist, 3/15/2018  
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Machines being smarter than humans has already played out across national TV and the Internet, from IBM's supercomputer Watson defeating renowned Jeopardy! game contestants to Google's AlphaGo beating the world's best Go game player.
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