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Curtis Franklin Security Editor, | 8/18/2017
When DevSecOps are defined it can begin a process. But ultimately process requires tools to become practice. Where do you go to find tools to use when an organization wants to move beyond theory adding security to DevOps?
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Curtis Franklin Security Editor, | 8/18/2017
In the spirit of our parent publication Light Reading, a Friday Security Haiku.
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Andy Patrizio Technology Journalist, | 8/17/2017
With the media doing its best to scare the daylights out of Americans over the North Korean nuclear threat, it's missing out on the real menace that is causing real damage: Kim Jong-un's brigade of hackers and cyber thieves.
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Michael Lynch Chief Strategy Officer, InAuth, | 8/17/2017
Digital Identity has many definitions. Digital identity is known to be the online representation of a person's civil and personal identity. Some of the newer ways of describing digital identity also describe it as the entire collection of data associated with a person's interactions online. In certain scenarios, the device or application the person is ...
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Curtis Franklin Security Editor, | 8/17/2017
Rackspace has added Privacy and Data Protection (PDP) to the latest version of its managed security offerings. PDP provides enhanced encryption, data access and compliance monitoring for customers.
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Willy Leichter Vice President of Marketing, Virsec Systems, Inc., | 8/16/2017
Touring the Black Hat show recently in Las Vegas, I was struck by how the cybersecurity and Vegas entertainment industries seem to be converging: They both seem to love magic shows. While the IT versions aren't as glitzy, vendors continually pitch the next generation of technology as the magic cure to our growing cybersecurity challenges.
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Curtis Franklin Security Editor, | 8/15/2017
The Internet of Things is a huge "thing" in the world of enterprise IT. Sure, it brings lots of neat capabilities with its distributed sensors and controllers, but it brings lots of security vulnerabilities as well. Finding and fixing those security vulnerabilities is a critical issue for security; that's why it's the topic on this week's Voice of ...
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Larry Loeb Author, | 8/14/2017
The upfront: This now-biweekly column is going to focus on security. But, the scope is going to be beyond just telling you about what the latest ransomware variant does. While that kind of focus is important, the optics of security reporting of late has gotten rather limited. The context of security has at the same time grown ever wider, rising from just ...
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Curtis Franklin Security Editor, | 8/11/2017
"Security through obscurity" says that you can't attack what you can't see. In far too many cases, though, it's the defenders who are flying blind when it comes to the configuration and status of their own network. "Visibility" was one of the five words that defined this year's Black Hat conference, and its importance to security professionals is ...
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Join editor Curt Franklin as he talks with Cricket Liu, head of DNS for Infoblox about the security implications of DNS -- one of the foundation services of the web.
Facebook has introduced new measures that will enable users to secure access to their accounts using a physical 'key' application.
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