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Member Since: July 12, 2018
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Michael Maloney is the owner and director of Supercheap Storage Molendinar on the Gold Coast of Australia, together with his wife Cathy. They both have been working together on the Supercheap Self Storage team since 2012 and they are making waves with their business so far!

Michael greatly enjoys the luxuries of life and is particularly a fan of fried delicacies as well as Thai and Vietnamese cuisines. He also enjoys kicking back over the weekend when he has time off from work to get in some physical activities, playing sports with his friends in the area. Michael is quite accomplished at table tennis, which he plays on a competitive level, and besides touch football and going to the gym, he also enjoys taking his bike out for a spin to enjoy the glorious coastal views.

But when it's back to the work week, Michael and Cathy both know that they have to work hard to get the business up and running smoothly. With client satisfaction and customer service their greatest priority, they're glad that they've licensed themselves as a franchisees of the Supercheap Storage chain.

Supercheap Storage has a good reputation of being an exceptional self storage solution. Being certified by the Australia Furniture Remover's Association, the Brisbane warehouses are centrally-located and the staff are all well trained qualified to help you with whatever your storage needs may be. At the same time, you can count on us having a high level of security and with closed circuit monitoring and security personnel watching over your items 24 -7 at the facilities, you can rest assured that your items are all in safe hands.

Supercheap Storage offers custom designed storage modules for the ultimate protection of furniture and belongings, and at affordable rates. Our Supercheap Storage modules come in 2 sizes - 7 cubic metres and 10 cubic metres, to provide you exceptional storage capacity for whatever you need to have put aside.

At the same time, our mobile storage modules are made of ultra-durable material - the plywood is of industrial quality and it allows the entire container to be lightweight and portable! That means that we can help you even further in your storage process by bringing your personal storage space right to where you are! What we do is we load up the number of storage units you need on to our personal fleet of trucks and ensure that everything gets to your location on time for moving.

Once the mobile storage modules are at your home or office, all you need to worry about is to load everything up! We'll even provide protective padding and blankets to bundle your items up before we get back on the road - this makes sure that your things are all extra safe if we face bumpy conditions on the road.

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