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Joe Stanganelli Principal, Beacon Hill Law, | 11/21/2017
"Davide" (a real person, but not his real name), a mid-level executive at a major international bank, would not be overly difficult to hack.
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Curtis Franklin Security Editor, | 11/20/2017
The notion that every organization has a perimeter that has been breached isn't new. And much of modern security is how to deal with that. But take it a step further: What do you do when every employee, customer and partner has personal info that has been hacked?
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Larry Loeb Author, | 11/20/2017
It's the time of year when Apple pops out a new iPhone to extract any money that may be lying around a consumer's wallet. The newest one (do we call it iPhone "Ecks" or "ten" or what?) has some interesting technology in it called FaceID.
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Curtis Franklin Security Editor, | 11/17/2017
Protecting DNS is critical. When DNS protects you and your business, it's (potentially) amazing. That's what a new service called Quad9 is about.
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Curtis Franklin Security Editor, | 11/17/2017
In the spirit of our parent publication Light Reading, a Friday Security Haiku.
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Curtis Franklin Security Editor, | 11/17/2017
Barracuda, a company that made its name providing firewall appliances for the traditional data center, has introduced a new set of next-generation firewalls with what it is calling "Cloud-Generation firewall capabilties."
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Teri Radichel Director of Security Strategy & Research, WatchGuard Technologies, | 11/16/2017
The number of recent data breaches and the amount of stolen data is staggering. At times, finding ways to stop the latest cyber attacks may seem overwhelming. Even though the malware that infiltrates an organization can be very complicated and stealthy, many breaches share common characteristics that appear in traffic logs of carefully designed networks. ...
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Simon Marshall Technology Journalist, | 11/16/2017
In 2018, you have a choice: stride boldly into a new year and defend against a bunch of increased or new security threats, or hide under your desk with your PC turned off.
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Curtis Franklin Security Editor, | 11/15/2017
Multi-factor authentication is becoming a "must" for many applications but questions remain about which factors are secure. A recent report from researchers in Vietnam has cast doubts on one promising new factor now available to millions.
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DougJackson, 11/21/2017 12:10:43 PM
A New Fence: The Software-Defined Perimeter
Re: Re: Re : The future of networks..
Great point @Joe Stanganelli. Very true. Interested to see how things change over the next 10-15 years.

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