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Simon Marshall Technology Journalist, | 4/24/2018
Consumers all over the world continue to click and tap on bogus links on websites and mobile apps, losing personal information and money to conman phishing attacks.
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Scott Ferguson Editor, Enterprise Cloud, | 4/24/2018
Atlanta may not have shelled out the $51,000 in Bitcoin that the group behind a recent ransomware attack demanded, but the city ended up paying dearly.
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Scott Ferguson Editor, Enterprise Cloud, | 4/24/2018
A recent security incident at SunTrust Banks shows how dangerous an insider threat is to any enterprise.
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Larry Loeb Author, | 4/23/2018
Cybercrime discussions have historically focused on how it happens. Specifically, what the technical parts of it are composed of and how does it work. Malware types, security holes and the prevention of attacks are concrete and can be described and understood.
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Alan Zeichick Principal Analyst, Camden Associates, | 4/23/2018
SAN FRANCISCO -- Blame people for the SOC scalability challenge. On the other hand, don't blame your people. It's not their fault.
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Scott Ferguson Editor, Enterprise Cloud, | 4/23/2018
If you haven't been thinking about the security of your unpatched or misconfigured routers, now's a good a time to start.
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Larry Loeb Author, | 4/20/2018
It's now common for websites to use a "Login with Facebook" button on their sites as a convenience for users. However, security researchers from Princeton University have discovered that some advertising and analytics services are siphoning user data from these pages when such a button is present.
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Jeffrey Burt Freelance Editor & Journ, | 4/20/2018
Cybersecurity so far this year is offering a mix of good news, bad news and warnings, according to a report released this week by professional services company Accenture.
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Scott Ferguson Editor, Enterprise Cloud, | 4/19/2018
SAN FRANCISCO -- There's a dirty secret lying right behind the corporate firewall: The IT department can't identify the traffic coming into the enterprise network.
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Ariella, 4/23/2018 4:12:48 PM
It's the People: 5 Reasons Why SOC Can't Scale
Re: so?
So are we doomed? Or is there some way out of the mess that you see happening?

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